3 Popular Bathroom Tile Options

Choosing the perfect tile for your bathroom can be a difficult decision, as there is stone, ceramic tile, glass tile, and many more to choose from. Before you pick out the tile you desired, it is important to evaluate whether it would stand up to the splashes you and your children made from showers and brushing your teeth.

At Upstairs Downstairs Fine Tile and Stone, we offer all-in-one service from design, selection, and installation for your bathroom tile. We have a large collection of tile, natural stone, glass and more. Our experienced designers will help you choose the material that is right for you.

Here are 3 popular bathroom tile options:

  1. Natural Stone – No building material has the durability of natural stones does and they are the symbol of quality and longevity. With proper care and maintenance, stones can last indefinitely. Thus stone tiles have become very popular in the last decade for flooring in a kitchen, or bathroom. The stone options that are generally available are marble, granite, slate, onyx, limestone. Each piece of stone is unique and brings a different ambiance to your bathroom with its warm colors. It also has limitless options for your bathroom showers, backsplashes, floors, and even the entire walls.
  2. Ceramic Tile – This man-made material has always been one of the most popular options for your bathroom. It is made from fired clay mixed with sediments. Prices are kept low because the raw material is easy to gather in large quantities.  One of the biggest advantages is its low maintenance and it is easy to clean. It is also largely scratch and crack resistant because of its ability to withstand high pressure. Ceramic is highly customizable with many different shapes and colors, making it great for homeowners.
  3. Glass Tile – Most people associate glass as a very fragile material, however, when it is manufactured for a bathroom, it is actually strong and resilient. It is naturally impervious to water and stains. Glass tiles can also make your space feel larger by reflecting light in various parts of the room. Glass tiles are green materials as they are made 100 % from recycled glass.

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