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3 Popular Tiles for Your Backsplashes

Are you tired of repainting water-damaged walls every couple of months? If so, it might be a smart idea to invest in a backsplash for areas behind the sink or your cooking area. If you are not sure on what is a backsplash or what kind of tiles are best for your kitchen, this guide will provide you the answers you need.

What’s A Backsplash and Why Do I Need One?

Every kitchen nowadays is equipped with a sink as well as a food preparation area. As a result, water might be sloshed against your paintwork and repainting might be required after a couple of months. As a result, this is where backsplash comes in. It is a section of tiles behind the sink or countertop.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular options among many homeowners but there are many other sizes and materials you can use. One of the most popular styles of tiles for backsplashes is subway tiles. Subway tiles have been popular as far back as the 1800s and its durability, low-maintenance, timeless design has continued its surge in popularity. Before deciding on a tile though, ensure that they are large enough to contain any water from the sink or cooking splatters.

Types of Popular Backsplash Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are available in a large collection of styles and sizes, from brick-like tiles such as Subway to contemporary looking mosaic effect of Broadway. One of the benefits of using ceramic tiles is they are easy to clean as most are glazed and high gloss finished.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is similar to ceramic tiles but it is baked a bit longer and at a higher temperature than other types of ceramic tile. This makes porcelain tiles more durable and they are more used on floors. However, it is still possible to use them as a backsplash. Porcelain tiles are better at resisting both stains and moisture and will be less noticeable if scratched.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are very strong and durable because it was made from stones that were created by nature. It has its own unique beauty and thus often pricier than ceramic or porcelain tiles. It is an ideal option to create a high-end aesthetic look. The most common natural stone tiles used for backsplashes are granite, marble, slate, and travertine.

Remember there are still many other options to choose for your backsplashes. There also comes the questions of how to install and reseal these tiles. Contact Upstairs Downstairs Fine Tile and Stone to get answers about any backsplashes products. We can help you pick the tile that would be most suitable for your home and help you reseal them. Call (978) 369-3620 today to learn more or visit our Acton showroom.


How to Remodel a Luxury Kitchen with the Best Stone Countertops

Marble Countertop

Is it about time to remodel or create your brand-new ideal kitchen? Are you looking to turn your kitchen into a space that is luxurious and practical? When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there are plenty of options to find the perfect stone countertops or stone flooring to create the kitchen of your dreams. Below, we’ll look at some of the best options for a stone fixture to create a beautiful kitchen.


Marble Is one of the most common stone materials you’ll see in kitchens around the world. When styling a new luxury kitchen, the range of colors, styles makes marble versatile and can be applied in many different areas of the kitchen. For example, Italian Carrara marble, used in many remarkable buildings such as the statue of David by Michelangelo provides an elegant and luxurious look for your flooring and countertops. However, we would recommend visiting a showroom like Upstairs Downstairs so you can see the actual product before you make a purchase.


With the Granite State bordering Massachusetts to the north, granite has always been an accessible yet beautiful stone for our area. Granite’s durable nature and natural colors make for a gorgeous option for your kitchen countertops. Like marble, granites flexibility can complement different cabinet styles. For example, the Typhoon Bordeaux variation of granite is applied in many glamorous kitchen countertops around the globe. Its rich palette of wine colors (giving the name: Bordeaux, a famous wine producing area of France) in addition to the pattern that twists in several directions like a typhoon have won the hearts of many homeowners.

Contact a Kitchen Remodeling Expert in Acton, MA

Consult a kitchen remodeling specialist like Upstairs Downstairs today for more luxury kitchen remodeling tips and guides. Upstairs Downstairs offers a large selection of tile, natural stone, glass, and handmade mosaics for your kitchen flooring and countertop.

Our experienced designers will also help you choose the best material selections and layout designs. Contact us now for complete bathroom remodeling, custom tile installations at 978-369-3620. You can also visit the most beautiful tile showroom in the Boston area at 6 Great Road, Route 2a Acton, MA 01720.


3 Popular Bathroom Tile Options

Choosing the perfect tile for your bathroom can be a difficult decision, as there is stone, ceramic tile, glass tile, and many more to choose from. Before you pick out the tile you desired, it is important to evaluate whether it would stand up to the splashes you and your children made from showers and brushing your teeth.

At Upstairs Downstairs Fine Tile and Stone, we offer all-in-one service from design, selection, and installation for your bathroom tile. We have a large collection of tile, natural stone, glass and more. Our experienced designers will help you choose the material that is right for you.

Here are 3 popular bathroom tile options:

  1. Natural Stone – No building material has the durability of natural stones does and they are the symbol of quality and longevity. With proper care and maintenance, stones can last indefinitely. Thus stone tiles have become very popular in the last decade for flooring in a kitchen, or bathroom. The stone options that are generally available are marble, granite, slate, onyx, limestone. Each piece of stone is unique and brings a different ambiance to your bathroom with its warm colors. It also has limitless options for your bathroom showers, backsplashes, floors, and even the entire walls.
  2. Ceramic Tile – This man-made material has always been one of the most popular options for your bathroom. It is made from fired clay mixed with sediments. Prices are kept low because the raw material is easy to gather in large quantities.  One of the biggest advantages is its low maintenance and it is easy to clean. It is also largely scratch and crack resistant because of its ability to withstand high pressure. Ceramic is highly customizable with many different shapes and colors, making it great for homeowners.
  3. Glass Tile – Most people associate glass as a very fragile material, however, when it is manufactured for a bathroom, it is actually strong and resilient. It is naturally impervious to water and stains. Glass tiles can also make your space feel larger by reflecting light in various parts of the room. Glass tiles are green materials as they are made 100 % from recycled glass.

    We are a family owned business in Acton since 1974 and have transformed hundreds of homes over the years across New England. Come visit Upstairs Downstairs at 6 Great Road, Route 2a, Acton, MA 01720, and see  the largest and the most beautiful tile gallery in the Boston area.  Contact us to learn more!!!

Why You Should Use Porcelain Tiles in Your Bathroom

If you’re about to remodel your bathroom, one of the most important factors to think about is the type of flooring material you should use. Sure, a shaggy carpet would feel amazing on your feet, and solid wood would look amazing with the décor you have in mind, but they’re not very practical to have in the bathroom.

The flooring material you choose needs to withstand all the steamy showers, wet towels, & bathtub splashing that occur in the bathroom on a daily basis. Keep in mind the accidents that can also occur such as a broken sink pipe, or even worse, a clogged overflowing toilet! You wouldn’t want that mess all over nice carpet or wood!

For a great looking floor that is practical, porcelain tiles are the way to go. Porcelain also comes in many styles and colors that will be sure to complement the look of your bathroom. If you have been on the fence about what flooring you should use, here are three reasons why you should choose porcelain tile over other materials:

Toughness – In houses or places with heavy bathroom use, porcelain tile will be able to withstand all the foot traffic that will come in and out over time. It will also resist all the water and moisture that is typical of a bathroom environment.

Maintenance – Porcelain tile is very easy to clean and maintain. Simply use a mild cleaner with a mop or towel to wipe up any spills. Be careful not to use steel wood pads because they will scratch the tile surface!

Versatility – In addition to being resistant to stains, water, bacteria, and odor, porcelain tiles come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes so that you can outfit any size bathroom with practicality & style!

For a free quote & more information on porcelain tiles for your bathroom, call Upstairs Downstairs Fine Tile & Stone at (978) 369-3620 or visit our website at today!

Benefits of Granite Tiles and Countertops

Have you been thinking about getting granite tiles for your home?  Granite adds value and elegance to any room. See why you should invest in granite tiles for your home this season!

Granite is great for tiles or counter tops due to its resistance to acids and its hardness. Granite is very durable, has many color options, and has low porosity. Ideally, granite is a great choice for kitchen counter tops and flooring for high traffic areas like bathrooms in your home.  It is known to be very resistance to cutting, staining, cracking, and burning so special tools will be needed to cut granite slabs.

With the right care granite counter tops will be a great investment for your kitchen or bathroom whether for its aesthetics, functionality, or durability.  Try to keep your granite as dry as possible by using coasters and by not placing hot items straight on the stone. Use a non-abrasive, neutral cleaner or use warm soap water to clean your granite tiles or counter tops. Stay away from powder type of cleaners and keep acid and abrasive materials away from your granite. To keep this type of stone looking new polish your granite occasionally so it’s kept smooth and reflective.

Contact Upstairs Downstairs at 978-369-3620 to get quality selections of granite for your home! Invest in long-lasting and resilient granite counter tops or tiles for you and your family.

Benefits of Using Ceramic Tiles

When remodeling a home, it is common choice for people to use ceramic tiles for their room flooring.  Tiles compliment the ambiance of a room with options of a variety of tile patterns, it can be custom made, and are easy to clean.   At Upstairs Downstairs we offer our clients exclusive tile selections that will fit perfectly in any project! Ceramic tiles are the most popular choice for home owners for many reasons, find out why below!

Easy to Maintain: Ceramic Tiles are known to be very low maintenance when they have their sealant applied!  They don’t need to be cleaned as often as other types of materials and when tiles are combined with grout, they are water-resistant. This is a great option to use for flooring your bathroom or kitchen where spills and water damage occurs the most!

Repairs: Ceramic tiles, like most tiles, are strong but over time they will weaken. Fortunately, the repair process for tiles are much easier than hardwood flooring repairs. The quick and easy repairs for ceramic tiles are one of the main reasons people go with it for their flooring.

Cost Effective:  If you are trying to be cost effective with your flooring options, ceramic tiles are the cheapest option compared to hardwood flooring and other flooring options.  Ceramic tiles are more attractive to home owners, cost-wise, due to its long term effects.

Design: One of the many reasons ceramic tiles are popular is due to its plethora of size and design options. Ceramic tiles give flexibility to design a room to your vision with their many ranges of size variations from a small 6” x 6” to a 24” x 24” and more.

With ceramic tile’s durability, its easy maintenance and cheap cost, ceramic tiles are the most frequently used as flooring options by many. It also has many style and size selections to fit the client’s vision without compromising the material’s quality. For more information about using ceramic tiles as your flooring option, contact Upstairs Downstairs at 978-369-3620 or use our contact form to speak to our specialist!

What Is the Right Tile for You?

The finishing touches to your new room are almost complete, all you need to do is pick the right tiles to tie the whole ambiance together. There are many things to consider when choosing the right tiles for a room and not having the right knowledge to pick and choose your tiles can prolong your process. Follow our tips to choosing the right tiles for your room below.


Ceramic & Porcelain: There to be good durability when picking tiles for your walls or floors. Professionals like Upstairs Downstairs have a PEI scale to test a tile’s resistance rating them from 1-5. Class 1 signifies the least resistance and class 5 being the most resistant.  Rooms with low foot traffic will do well with tiles that are class 2 or greater. Your hallways or kitchen where there is a lot of foot traffic it’s best to choose tiles with class 4 resistance or higher.

Natural Stone:  Natural stone is very durable and can stand against many types of resistance. Stone isn’t man made so the PEI scale doesn’t apply to these types of tiles.


When choosing tiles for your rooms, color is important to balance and compliment the rest of the room. Light colors make a room look more spacious while dark colors will add warmth to the room. For more variation, try using different shades of tiles that will blend well together. Neutral colors tiles give you flexibility to change other aspects of the room while bright colors will add character.


Glass Tiles: These types of tiles have a variety of color choices and finishes which is great for your kitchen or bathroom.

Porcelain: Porcelain is great for your kitchen or bathroom floors for its strength and no-slip grip.

Ceramic: Ceramic tiles are waterproof, easy to install, and affordable which makes it typically great for your bathroom floor.

Natural Stone: Since stone is the most durable of all the tiles, placing it in your kitchen or the bathroom would be beneficial. This is because natural stone is good with cleanups and it is slip-resistant.

As you finish your room installations, these tips should help you with choosing the right tiles for each room. At Upstairs Downstairs we offer high quality selections of tiles for our clients and our experienced designers can assist with your material selection and design layouts. Contact us at 978-462-9453 or use our contact form to learn more about our selections!

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