Preserving the Beauty Inside Your Home

Your home is many things. Your sanctuary, where you entertain, the gallery for your prized possessions, and much more. You’ve put time and resources you’ve put into making your home truly yours. A little effort and the right information can help protect and preserve everything you’ve done to make your home truly yours.

Protect Hardwood Flooring from Sunlight Damage

Letting the light indoors can be refreshing and beautiful. But it can, and will, take a toll on your hardwood floors and furniture. UV light assists in the breaking down of organic matter– like wood, textiles, and leather. This is good news for the outdoors, as it hastens the elimination of waste materials. Bad news for the indoors, as it turns your floors into bores, and makes your furniture look shabby.

The general strategy for preventing sunlight damage is to minimize the amount of UV light that hits your floors. Closing the drapes when no one is home is a cheap, effective, low-tech way to get this done. Alternatively, you could invest in windows made of low-e glass. This glass reduces the amount of UV light that passes through it, without blocking visible light.

Protect All Your Hard Flooring from Scratches

Any room that is furnished and has hard flooring– whether hardwood, tile, or stone slab– is at risk of accumulating scratches. Rubber footies on the bottom of your furniture may not enhance the decor. However, there are some easy ways you can protect your flooring from scratches, gouges, and scrapes.

A rug lying beneath the furniture can help protect the floor beneath it. Depending upon your aesthetic, this may or may not fit. Another option is to place felt pads beneath the feet of your furniture. These pads remain nearly completely hidden, keeping your floor open and spacious.

Keep Grout Looking Great

Grout is that slightly gritty compound between tiles. It’s there to fill the space between the tiles, eventually curing to become a permanent and integral part of the tiling itself.

Over time, grout can collect dirt, dust, and other nasty-looking particles. Fortunately, restoring grout to a bright state is fairly easy, so long as you know what not to do. In short: don’t use any harsh cleaners! Strong cleaners may sound like they’ll be more effective than milder ones, but they will damage grout, which will require a costly repair to fix.

To clean grout, use a mild household cleaner, or a mixture of water and vinegar. Coupled with some light scrubbing, this should be sufficient to remove all but the most tenacious stains. It’s really that easy, so there’s one fewer reason to let your grout lose its brightness.

Closing Out

A few simple steps can prevent premature aging, unfortunate scratches, and dusky grout. It’s definitely worth doing in order to keep your home beautiful for longer. If you’re looking for something more substantial, a bathroom remodel can do wonders. The bathroom is one of the few spaces in a home where someone can get true privacy and relax, after all.